Registrations are open!

Registrations are open!
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The videos and photos of our auction horses and ponies are largely processed and placed online. Also, the veterinary inspections are carried out. Reports, X-rays, extra info… of the horses/ponies can be checked online.

The clinical inspections were filmed each time. If you would like the video of a certain horse, or if you want to see the X-rays in a higher resolution, you can by sending an e-mail to

Not all horses and ponies are listed yet. But in this way, you can already form an idea of ​​what you can expect from the coming auctions. The auctions close on Monday afternoons. The reason for this is to give international buyers a chance to bid as well. On 17 June, the auction of the young competition horses closes, on 24 June the auction of the experienced competition horses and ponies and on 1 July the auction of the schoolmaster horses and ponies.

We strive to see the right horse/pony leaving to the right place!

From now, you can register. If you experience any problems with this, or if you have suggestions or comments, you can always contact us.