Order of Go, list of Auction Horses Presentation day 4th of November.

Order of Go, list of Auction Horses Presentation day 4th of November.
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Please be welcome on Monday 4th of November, from 5 PM, Stable Ceulemans, St Katelijne Waver.

Monday 4th of November, we would like to present you the horses in the Auction of the Future Stars:

https://www.belgianhorsetrading.com/en/collection/7  , more information about the horses are to find in their files.

For sure, there will be some quality!  The Future Stars will be sold online on 5th of November.


The Schoolmasters and Youngsters will be presented under the saddle, and jump some fences 4th of November.

More information is to be found on: https://www.belgianhorsetrading.com/en/collection/9

For this collection, you have got time to decide till Wednesday 13th of November till 19 O Clock.

Don't forget to register, so you can place your bid, and won't loose any time.

If you would have no possibility to come over on 4th of November, and would like to see the horses, you can make an appointment. We are willing to help you.

Just a reminder of the great service BHT is offering.  All horses sold and paid by the new owner, will get an insurance from De Buyl Insurances.  The costs for the insurance for 1st year is paid by BHT, for sure the buyer would receive the money, if something would go wrong. From the moment you would place a bid, it would be clear what would be the total amount to be paid.  Only 4% commission is to be add, and the 21% VAT if applicable.  

We are sure we have got some quality in both Auctions, and we are looking forward to see you: 

Please be welcome:  4th of November from 17 O Clock till 20 O Clock,

Stable Ceulemans, Hageweg 5, 2860 St Katelijne Waver, Belgium.