Apr 11, 2021 - Apr 12, 2021

The April Auction

16 horses
9 sportpaard , 6 sport pony , 1 riding school pony
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Closed auctions

Sander van de nieuwe heide
# 14

Sander van de Nieuwe Heide

Borghof's Gentle Gerwin x Te Anker's Bileander

10 bids Sold to Belgium

# 16


Cupido x Bertus

8 bids Sold to Italy

# 8


Classe x Jokinal de Bornival

4 bids Sold to Belgium

Just in time van duyversputten
# 10

Just in Time van Duyversputten

Lavalllino Ter Klomp x

12 bids Sold to Belgium

Itchy sw
# 9

Itchy SW

Warrant x Vancouver

13 bids Sold to Spain

# 1


Fernando H x Fuego Du Prelet

17 bids Sold to France

Tess van de nieuwe heide
# 12

Tess van de Nieuwe Heide

Rakker L x Novahoeve's Cito

11 bids Sold to Belgium

Unique van de lindehoeve
# 5

Unique van de Lindehoeve

11 bids Sold to Denmark

Passionata van perschroeven
# 2

Passionata van Perschroeven

Dore van 't Zorgvliet x Cosmeo

7 bids Sold to Germany

Discover your life
# 7

Discover your Life

De Quidam x Christiano

14 bids Sold to Italy

One may van het reigershof
# 3

One May van het Reigershof

Tornesch x Clinton

17 bids Sold to Denmark

Lord vh wilderhof
# 15

Lord vh Wilderhof

22 bids Sold to Belgium

Ozzy van wachemshoeve
# 13

Ozzy van Wachemshoeve

Ive van de Delthoeve x

11 bids Sold to Belgium

Wikske dh
# 11

Wikske DH

Don Carlos x Top Nonstop

halfsister to Elite Stallion BRP Kadans vd Groenheuvel

8 bids Sold to Belgium

Oraya vd rostal
# 6

Oraya vd Rostal

Jackson de Regor x Quintus

19 bids Sold to Denmark

Roxy van de leeuwerik
# 4

Roxy van de Leeuwerik

Dallas VDL x Cardento

24 bids Sold to Belgium