30 jun. 2024 - 1 jul. 2024

The Summer 2024 Auction

9 paarden
6 sportpaard , 1 jong paard , 1 goedgekeurde hengst , 1 sportpony
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Ritteke p
# 3

Ritteke P

Lavallino Ter Klomp x Toulon

Don’t miss out on a talent like Ritteke P! She has the qualities to compete in the big sport someday.

3 biedingen Verkocht naar China

Olympos z
# 7

Olympos Z

Minute Man (O'Neill vt Eigenlo) x Granusso

Olympos Z still has a lot to learn but knows how to jump and handle a bigger fence!

10 biedingen Verkocht naar Bahrein

Radix de regor
# 1

Radix de Regor

Diamant de Semilly x Hunter's Scendro

Radix de Regor is a top-class horse with a bright future ahead.

9 biedingen Verkocht naar Frankrijk

Mon dieu ml
# 2

Mon Dieu ML

Dieu Merci van T&L x Castelino vd Helle

Mon Dieu ML is a clear round machine with some serious potential for the future.

21 biedingen Verkocht naar België

Cachaca vh waterschoot
# 8

Cachaca vh Waterschoot

Valdelamadre Clooney x Elvis ter Putte

Cachaca vh Waterschoot Z is still a young mare but showed us several requirements to become a good jumper!

3 biedingen Verkocht naar België

Celine  z
# 9

Celine Z

Centurio 22 x Griseldi

Full sister to the wonderful mare Catharina W & W Z (Thiago Ribas da Costa)

6 biedingen Verkocht naar België

Berktzicht jekilja
# 6

Berktzicht Jekilja

Justice HR x Marits Mistique

Berkzicht Jekilja still likes to compete at his age and proves his value in breeding with offspring like Parco van ‘t Hollandhof.

4 biedingen Verkocht naar België

# 5


Le Blue Diamond van 't Ruytershof x Calvados

Quibelle is ready to take an amateur or child to the shows!

5 biedingen Verkocht naar Bahrein

Orchid's mila
# 4

Orchid's Mila

Orchid's Cestanii x Justice HR

Orchid’s Mila is a must have for your child!

13 biedingen Verkocht naar België